Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Bachelorette & Basketball

Last Saturday Court and I hosted a beautiful bachelorette party for Sanya at Vern's house.  It was a great group of girls and we headed to Agua for the after party.

The boys all had a basketball tournament the weekend before in Redlands and Corona.  Luke and Mason's team lost all games but are showing some improvement. Ty's team lost in the last minute for the championship.

Mason the center.

Luke hitting free throws. 

I have not been feeling by best so Eric sent these beautiful flowers to my work, they really did make me feel better!! The roses are still looking great on our kitchen table 9 days later. 

A 6am walk to the dog park.

Tash, me, Vern & Court

Sunday, January 29, 2017

January in PS.

Amazing hike back in the falls after the rain with some of the best people and dogs ever.

My ladies and some amazing men in my life!!!

Me and mine.

My sweet love.

These two. They love hiking.

I'm so proud I made it this far.

Steve got the mega burger and Eric go the mini, lots of fun was made.  

Auggie and Gizmo.

Another hike to dry falls.

This boy with steak treats on his paws.  

Luke made a robot.  Smartie.

I love him.

I don't always sit at the table, but when I do, FEED ME.

After the rain, beauty.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The rest of our break.

Tobin got a lizard!!

 More games with Niko.
Kari and Jake took Ty and Will to SD and went to the Midway, a favorite of mine.


Kari, Jake, Jill, Eric and I got to spend a day in Temecula.

Eric took the boys riding. 

My lovely sisters.

We did ginger bread houses a bit late.

I took Ty and Swift to a UCLA basketball game for Ty's birthday, it was so fun!!

A day riding.

This one likes the bed.

My girls at Sanya's shower. So excited to celebrate with them all in Cabo!!

Luke and Tony Hawk.

My fave pic of Ty.