Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Football days

We have had some amazing sunsets from our backyard lately.

Luke and Mason had to go to Ontario a few weeks ago for football certification so we stopped by the mall afterwards.  They loved this virtual game, they kept grabbing at the air and turning around, it was quite funny.

My parents celebrated Mom's 70th with a trip to San Fransisco

Papa is in love with Auggie.

We took Ty and his buddies to indoor putt putt on the weekend it was a lovely 118.

They started practicing in full pads.  

Brother vs Brother

And of course we spent a super hot day at the water park. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We love Minnesota

This happened July 30th and we could not be more excited to welcome Cruz into the world.  His parents are wonderful friends of ours and we can't wait to see him and hold him and watch him grow.  I can't wait for him to go to the boundary waters with my boys so they can teach him things that Eric and Zack have taught them.

Beautiful Mama. She doesn't skip a beat.  Truly a natural.

Sunny and Jolene got married in WA in early August and drove down the coast for their honeymoon.  We are lucky enough that they ended their trip with us for 2 days!!!  It was hot but we managed to have some fun at Hacienda, Ace Hotel, Trio and Lulu's.  We LOVE visitors and these two were great fun!!!

Two more of the little love that has blessed our lives.  We cannot wait to hold him!!!  Soon......

Friday, August 14, 2015

Our new baby and the big boys.

On the way home from San Diego Eric and the boys picked up this little ball of cute.  Auggie was born May 28th and is just a doll.  The boys picked him out and he's an absolute love.  He is such a social guy and is already sitting and getting through some nights without accidents.  He's 13 1/2 lbs at 11 weeks now and I love to scoop him up and kiss him although this may not be his favorite.  He loves to snuggle the boys in their beds at bedtime and I don't think it will be long until he is sleeping in someone bedroom.

This is Auggie and his bigger brother at 9 days old.

And this is him at 5 weeks.  Stinking cute!

Ty could not stand his crying the 1st night and got him and brought him in his bed at 4:30am.  He snuggled right up and went to sleep.

He sure likes to bite toes but he likes to give kisses too.

And he does not lack toys.  I can't wait to see this little guy grow!!!

These two started 4th grade with big smiles yesterday. 

And this one started 7th grade and has the coolest PE teacher this year. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The End, San Diego Part 4

Thursday morning we went to Cardiff by the Sea Beach.  It was Melissa's favorite.  There were some neat tide pools and the kids loved getting sand crabs.  

Aunt Betsy got down and dirty with the kiddos, helping with crabs and anemones.  

It was such a beautiful day.

Later that afternoon Mom & Dad, Betsy & Brady and Eric and I took Ty and Ethan to Del Mar to see the ponies run.  This kid won $78 and by the end of the day everyone was asking him what horse he was betting on.  His response?  'Why do you want to know?'  He got a bit protective of his bets!

On the infield.

Thursday night dinner was a BBQ and we all enjoyed the beautiful night and patio again.

And Friday, beach again, this time in Carlsbad.

And of course afterwards, some brunch and drinks at SeƱor Grubbys, a Carlsbad favorite.  I have this same picture of Luke from about 5 years ago.

More beach time afterwards at Tamarak State Beach.  They all loved trying out the surfboard.

All it all, an epic family vacation for everyone and memories to last a lifetime!!  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Part 3, SD 2015

The whole Fam Bam in one pic.

The Parents and the Girls

Melissa thought it would be a sweet idea for Mom and Dad to renew their wedding vows.  We surprised them with that after the photos.  More crying.  Ty walked Mimi down the aisle, Syd was the flower girl and Betsy officiated. It was perfect!

We had a cool place cater dinner that night called RedOven San Diego. Since the house we stayed in had a pizza over of it's own it was great.  Juan Carlos was a fantastic chef and the kids loved picking out their creations. 

The photos don't do the patio justice, it was so big and pretty and had fabulous market lights above.

Eric brought bags and it was a popular game each evening.

My sissy's!!

Eric and Syd.

Tuesday we went to Pacific Coast Grill on the beach in Cardiff by the Sea to celebrate all of our birthdays.  Adults only, very yummy and a stop for a beer at Union Kitchen in Encinitas was a cherry on the top.

Wednesday 11 of us went to see the Padres vs. the Giants.  Petco is my favorite professional baseball park.  I love the food and beer selections and of course a little baseball.

If you took a selfie and tagged it #padreswbw it would show up on the screen so we practiced until we got it right.

Dad & Miss

Some of us practiced more than others.

Channeling his inner Justin Beiber.

We took the Coaster which is always fun for kids and adults alike.  We did find out that as of Feb. 1 2015 you are not allowed to drink alcohol on the train, good thing we got informed by a very nice agent.

Our selfie submission, #padreswbw.  I love my people.

Funny Mason story (that he will probably be mad at me for sharing):
Sunday night he says:
Mason: Mom, I haven't pooped in 2 days!
Me: Why? Don't you feel good?
Mason: No, the signs by all of the toilets in the house say 'Do not flush anything other than toilet paper in the toilet or it will clog'.
Me: (giggling) It means only pee and poop and toilet paper!
Mason:  Well I know that NOW, I asked Chase and he told me I can go, so I did.
Me: You feel better?
Mason: YES!!
Thank goodness for older cousins who don't take things so literally.