Monday, September 19, 2016

Summer ends and school begins.

The boys on the drive home.  My parents have a framed picture of Ty and Cali at the same spot from about 2006.  Love it.

Eric went fishing with some photo bombers.

First day of 8th and 5th for my boys.

Eric and I are lucky enough to know the promoters of Splash House.  A super fun day but I think I am too old for a whole weekend of this!!  

The boys earned their first stripe in August.  They still love Jiu-Jitsu and are also playing basketball for RMHS.

My morning walks are pretty amazing.

Ty was Rocky for back to school night.

I took these two to ComicCon.

My Zombies.

Julie had a surprise birthday party for Eric.  We started at her house, then Arrive, the Buzz and the Pub.  Such a great night with amazing friends.

Julie, Omar & Me.


Wendy, Robb, Eric, Me & Omar

Me and the birthday boy!

Eric, Steve, Auggie and a Luke photobomber...

Bryce came out for the weekend with Gizmo.  What a difference one year makes in Auggie's size.

A little waterpark action.

Luke and Mason celebrated their 11th birthday with a party and a sleepover.

7 sleepy boys.

Last weekend a bunch of us hit up the Ace Hotel craft beer tasting.  What a blast!!

And we went to sushi with my parents for more Luke and Mason celebrating!!

Eleven looks pretty good on these two!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

BWCA 2016

 This year was Ty's turn and Eric took our nephew Will along for the first time.  Robb, Steve, Zack and Tony also came along with Auggie and Makeba.
This year started out a little rocky with some really bad storms but they had a great time.

                                                                Team Photo 2016

They brought a keg.

Ty and Will

Cliff jumping.

My boys.

He loves to lay on clothes.

Another successful BWCA trip!