Wednesday, May 13, 2015

While I was away, a game and Mother's Day

While I was in Hawaii Eric took the boys to the Tachevah Block Party.  It's a bunch of bands downtown between the Coachella weekends.

He also fed them well!

How could I not wake Mason up at midnight when I got home to a note like this taped to the fridge?

While we were in Cabo Mason made it to the 100 point reading club.  He is so proud of himself and loves reading.  

Julie and I took Tash out for her birthday last week.

The girls enjoying the backyard.

Juneau came over with Robb and helped tuck the boys in at night.  

I took the boys to their spaghetti dinner at their school last Friday and they won two fish, Tim and Bob. 

For Mother's Day I really wanted to go to an Angles game.  Anaheim is not too far away and we got seats for $11.  Mike Trout hit a home run so Ty was happy and we saw fantastic fireworks afterwards.  I love the age they are right now.  

Game Selfie.

Mother's Day was a wonderful brunch with my p's at Escena.  We had a great time and afterwards we went and had some Sunday Funday with the Posa's, Julie and Robb.  A perfect day.  

Niko sent me her Cabo pics, she is great at editing and picking out the good ones. 

If it was Christmas this would be our card.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cabo, 2015

On Wednesday Eric, Kerri, Niko and I headed down to Cabo for our annual fishing trip.  

Thursday Niko and I went to Todos Santos, an old artist community about 1 hour North of Cabo on the Pacific side.  We went to the original Hotel California which was pretty cool.

We stopped by the side of the road and watched a woman and her daughter weave blankets, it was amazing.

Thursday night was dinner at the Baja Lobster.

And Friday morning, what we came for, Fishing!  Captain Jeff, Yogi and Nick were ready for us at 7am and we headed out.  Our 1st hook up was double with Eric and Kerri.  Eric only took about 15 min to reel his in and then he took over Kerri's fish. We ended up losing him but it was still a good fight!

Poncho joined us for the trip back to the marina.

The night view from our balcony.

We had to do a stop by the Saloon for a Fuego shot.  They light the shots, bar and ceiling on fire.  I'm always sure to know where the exit is...

Saturday we hit the Office and the beach after Eric got back from another fishing day with Jeff.

Eric caught a Dorado on Saturday and the Baja Cantina cooked it 5 ways for us, delicious!