Saturday, January 14, 2017

Family Time

For Christmas this year we had Grandma, 4 Schwieterings and 6 Rossis + a boyfriend visiting.  We love this crew!

The boys.

Tobin J

Christmas Eve

Jake and I made a pretty amazing dinner.

Tobin caught a lizard!

A party at Posas for some Holiday Cheer.

I took these two downtown Christmas eve.

Christmas morning, chaos. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Before the holidays

December began with the five of us volunteering at The Narrow Door in Indio. We helped pack 900+ boxes of food for the East end of the valley.  We are going to start doing this once a month, it was great to see all of the boys enjoy it!

That afternoon Julie and Robb had a party at Robb's, complete with a bags tournament!

The boys helped decorate the tree.  This looks very sweet but they were arguing about who put the ornaments closer to the top....

This awesome kid turned 14.

I took the twins and some of his buddies to Get Air in Palm Desert.  

The twins Christmas show.

We had office drinks at Fresh Agave with everyone, I have the best office!!!

Nancy and I did our second annual Santa Paws 5k with Leroy & Auggie.

We went to a lovely Christmas party at Tia and Mark's.

Mason met his girlfriend Kaitlyn at the movies.  He tried to bribe Luke into not going with them but he ended up going and Mason made him sit alone!!!

I met my girls for our annual Christmas drink. This year, Pacifica.  It's always a blast with them!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

December 2016 Starts off...

My super fabulous friend Jill came to visit with her husband Pat and their son Will.  We all love them and having them come visit is the easiest, most fun weekend for all of us.  Eric, Jill, Pat and I went out Sunday afternoon and enjoyed drinks and bocce at Arrive, lunch at Trio and some gambling.  

The twins had their annual Christmas show.

We went to a Christmas party with White Elephant gifts...the boys loved it.  When one of the little girls cried about what she got, Mason stepped and and took hers so she could pick again.  It was a bike tire.

Eric was lucky enough to be Kerri's date on a Cabo trip.  I was jealous.  

They did well and our freezer is full of Mahi.

While Eric was gone the boys and I went to see the Light Parade downtown at the annual Kaminsky party.  We had a great time.  Ty was in the parade for the JWMS dance team.

We went to my parents for breakfast and ended up hitting balls and checking out the new bocce court at the club.

My 6am morning are spent here.  Auggie is the biggest fan of the dog park and I really like the 6am crew.  

He did it!!!! Luke finally cut his hair and they are twins again.  He was a bit iffy after we got home be he had grown into it.  


Ty played for the JWMS intramural team and they crushed Nellie Caufman in a game.

A fun night out with these crazy girls, Julie and Lori.