Monday, March 9, 2015

Special Anniversary and A Baby

My parents 45th anniversary was February 21st and I got their photo album and arranged a special dinner for them at Ruth's Chris steakhouse.  I have a friend who works there and made it extra special for them. 

Ty and Peyton played each other in a tournament, good buddies.

Mason at bat, they played in the same tournament.

Luke and Twix.

Jen put a picture on the table with roses, it was a super special dinner for them.

45 years to the day. Love them!

Ty at bat.

Luke and Mason's team came in second in the tournament, turns out they are now 1st as the other team had illegal players.  It's their last game for a while, we have decided to take a break from baseball for a while.

My dirty boy.  I kept him outside so Eric could give him a bath and he finally decided to use the doggy door and dirty up my carpet.

Luke got all dressed up for his field trip to Rancho Mirage High School for the district science fair.  

Mason, Jayden and Luke.

Luke got 3rd at district.

My bestie Jill from college came for a long weekend with her husband Pat and son Will.  We got all ready for a baby.

The boys were in love and Will is the cutest thing EVER!!!  Such a happy and good baby. Loves everyone. 

It was so much fun and easy having them here.  Will developed an affinity to Eric, followed him with his eyes and loved the attention.  Eric was pretty enamored himself.

Unfortunately after weeks of 80 degree weather it was rainy and chilly when they were there so we went bowling with a bunch of friends.

Zeus and Daisy having some fun.  She totally warmed up to his puppy play.


They arrived home happy and we missed them right away.

Ty pulled off a 4.0 this trimester, we are so proud of him!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hiking and catching

On Sunday Eric and I enjoyed a wonderful brunch with Kerri and Niko at Indian Canyons, a beautiful view.

Monday we did a family hike to dry falls.

Family Selfie.

My boys.

Eric went fishing on Thursday on a day and half boat out of San Diego with some buddies.  They came back Saturday morning with some Blue Fin so we had to have a sushi party, it was a big hit!

He loves fishing.

The President was back for a visit this weekend, always fun to see this parked a few blocks away.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Polo, paint, ball and awards.

Sunday Ty helped my host clients at Polo, he was such a great date!

My boss, his wife and son.

Ty passed out after using the port-o-pottie.

Our fab neighborhood.

A Zeus snuggle after practice.

This little cutie Will is visiting with one of my favorite people in the world in 2 weeks!!  Can't wait to squeeze him!

Luke won 2nd place in the 400 in the school track meet on Monday and Mason got 4th in the softball throw. 

Wednesday my team hosted a paint night, this is the beginning of mine, a big old egg.

Baby steps.

Almost done.

My mom joined us.  Mason saw both paintings and I said 'Mimi's was better' and he said 'Yes, yes it offense mom'

My sister sent me a weather forcast for New Hampshire, 4 feet of snow in 2 weeks and now low of -9 with a blizzard warning...I told her casita is open and forcast here, 88 for the next 5 days....

Ty and Juan Pablo at Polo.

Ty and my dad, one of my favorite pictures ever.  National Anthem time.

Science fair awards, Luke got 1st place and is going to district and Mason got 2nd.  I mean we...

Loving my pizza paddle.

More baseball, tournament in San Bernardino last weekend, boys had some great plays.

Mason loves writing notes.

My sister's son Drew,  enjoying the snow.

Mason is so my son, writes notes to himself, he will never win a spelling bee though.