Saturday, August 1, 2015

San Diego, Part 2

The second surprise of the trip was a book that Betsy, Melissa and I made.  We had their wedding photo on the front and a pic that I have from their 45th anniversary on the back. Inside each kid and grandkid and family got their own pages and wrote something about Mimi and Papa.  There was even a page from the animals we had growing up and the grand animals.  We gave it to them Sunday night and we each read what we had written to them, tears from Dad again.  It rained all afternoon so we decide tonight was going to be a free night for each family.  In the end we all went out to dinner together to the Fish Market in Del Mar.

Eric and Syd, she won everyone's hearts.

More beach time on Monday at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas.  The big boys and Betsy went fishing so we took the kiddos.  Endless fun in the sun!

Mace & Wes. Whenever Wes would drop something or do something wrong he would say 'Oh Wes' because everyone is always saying that to him.  Pretty funny.

This handsome guy.

Monday night we did family pictures.  The boys got home late from fishing so we started with the kiddos.

Mimi and her 7.

The girls.

Miss and Syd.

All 9 grandkids.

This makes me happy.

I really cannot believe how big they are getting!!!

Miss with her fam and Natty.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

San Diego Family Reunion, Part 1

My parents rented a house in Rancho Santa Fe last week that was big enough for them, my family and both of my sister's families.  There was 18 of us in all! Luke and Mason met Wes for the first time and all the cousins had a blast together. 

They loved the pool with the waterslide and jacuzzi, hours of fun spent in there.

Dinner night 1, kids table.

Adults in the formal room.

Mason doesn't see snails very often and loved 'playing' with them.

We surprised my dad after dinner with 75 things that remind me and my sisters of him in honor of his 75th birthday.  The range of things was pretty awesome and the kids had some ideas too.  

A few things:  Pilsner Urquell, Raki, Garrett's popcorn, peanuts, black licorice, a program from our church growing up, chap stick, a score card from the golf course he played when we were growing get the idea.  It was a huge success and we all joined in the fun. 

Eric and Drew.

This was one of my faves, he always wore an old brown leather jacket to do the yard work in the fall and when he moved he bequeathed it to our neighbor that I went to high school with, he always commented on that jacket!

The view from the second story balcony.

Sunday morning my sis's and I hit the beach in Del Mar with a few kiddos and the rest went for a falconry lesson.  

The only granddaughter and quite the princess.

Mason and Luke chose to go get a 'falconry' lesson in Torrey Pines with my dad and cousins Joel and Drew.  

They loved it and talked about it quite a bit.  On our hike the next day we got to hear all about how they regurgitate the bones of their prey.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Fun

Robb came home for a few weeks from his MN, CO trips and joined us for a lovely dinner.

We had 8 boys for dinner/sleepover one night. Of course I don't mind....I get to go to work in the morning!

I went to the official ground breaking of the new Indio Detention center.  Kerri will be working there the next 4 years. Yay!

Daisy came over and wanted to 'play' with the chickens.

Eric went on a fishing trip with some buddies and the only one who ended up catching was Zolt.

Robb and our chicks.

Boy night.

My dad turned 75 and we had them over for dinner last week, always love spending time with them.

Ty, Zach and Dean.  Buddies since day 1.

Ty had a sleepover at Zach's for his 13th birthday.

My parents brought over the Handy Manny truck for my 2 year old nephew and these two decided to play with it.

Mason and Luke have decided they want to play tackle football, they had conditioning all week and are so excited.

We went to a Power game with the Sickenbergers and the kids did the balloon toss and the go cart race.  It's been a fun couple of weeks.