Sunday, October 16, 2016

A week in the life

Auggie met Kobe from Washington and they had a blast playing and swimming.

Cat City Fire Dept had a pancake breakfast and Steph invited me since Russ was working that day.

The boys got a very personalized and very detailed education on the fire truck,.

And they took it very serious.  

On Saturday 2 Palm Springs police officer where shot and killed.  We wrote notes after dinner that night and walked down to place them at the police station.

We walked by again Sunday morning, it got so much bigger and is even bigger today.

The boys and I wend the drive through donation the city set up Friday for the families.

Eric's cousin Linda stopped by for Desert Trip.

Another successful party at the Jensen's.

The girls inside for shots.  

And the boys outside, a super fun day leading into a very lazy Sunday!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

A weekend in San Felipe, MX

I really can't get enough of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets around here.

The boys played in their first basketball tournament for Rancho Mirage High School a few weeks ago.

Ty and I on a sunset walk.

Last weekend Eric took Ty to San Felipe MX for a weekend of riding.  You can ride anywhere there and they took advantage of that, the beach, the desert, town.  Ty was in heaven.

Ty, Eric, Dalton, Kerri, Denise, Adam & Jill.

I think there will be a lot more of this...

My big baby. He likes to snuggle.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Lake Havasu, AZ

Last weekend we joined Steve, Nadia, Davin and Julie for a fantastic weekend in Lake Havasu.  They have a place and a sweet boat so it made for a super fun Saturday, my first time there.

My daring boys.

We joined some other boats and they had kids and a cool lily pad for them to play on in the channel.

Julie, Eric and Steve.

The kids ditched us on the way to Pirate's Cove for a faster boat.  

The fun lasted all day!


Eric practicing his moves.

Some sleepy boy at the end of the day.

My #1.

Steve, Nadia, Eric and me.

We had a blast! London Bridge.

Auggie went to a pet hotel so we had some tired boys for Sunday football when we got home.

And Eric and I geared up for "Legends of Hip Hop" concert at Fantasy Casino.  Grandmaster Flash, Young MC, Sugarhill Gang, Salt and Pepa...a pretty fun nigh with some great friends.

Me, Gabe & Court.

The sunrises and sunsets have been pretty amazing around here lately with all of the clouds.  Incentive to get outside.