Sunday, July 17, 2016

Joining my boys in MN.

Julie and I arrived 14 hours late on Saturday morning.  After a few hours of sleep we headed down to Lake Calhoun with Zack, Jessi and Cruz.

This face.

My little Cruz sitters, they were legit obsessed.

Lemonade stand, supporting the locals.

Ty's monster.

Robb had some fun swinging with the boys.

A little more park time.

 Saturday night we went to go check out Brad's new place, Zelo.  The most amazing walleye ever.
And a wonderful night with some of my faves.
Wearing the same outfits but the twins and I got to hang with Cruz for a few hours on Sunday.  Ty and Julie went on a bike ride and Eric and Robb went shopping for the BW.

I can't take the cute of these 3.

On the 4th Julie, Robb, Eric, Auggie and I headed up to Karen's cabin with the kiddos decided to stay behind with Jake and Kari for a party.

My little love.

Auggie keeping watch for Robb.

Julie and I had a lovely kayak ride Tuesday morning.

We got home Tuesday night to Jake's homemade pasta, sauce and some delicious red wine.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Minnesota Time!

 Eric and the boys headed to Minnesota for the rest of the summer after they dropped me off in Colorado Springs.  They spent the next two weeks with cousins and and at cabins, playing and fishing.  

Auggie is in love with lakes.

They had to get in some Fro-Yo-Soul action.

Sam and Auggie reunited at last.

At Brad's cabin in WI.

The love story continues.

This kid loves to snuggle his dog as much as he likes to be snuggled.

Back up at Upper South Long Lake.

Grandma's cabin is always a blast.

Mason calls Cruz his god brother.

My boys at Lake Calhoun.

With Mr. Cool.

I brought Ty's skate deck and 36 eggs go MN.

While Julie and I got tangled up traveling, Eric  and Robb sent us pictures of them enjoying the Twins game without us.

Pics of my week up next!!