Sunday, June 10, 2018

June 2018

Memorial day pool party at the Kaminskys is always a good time!! Auggie really enjoyed the birthday toy....for about 3 minutes. 

Jake asked Eric to Venom him money....Eric said he didn't know how and sent him this photo of Luke.  We both cracked up.

Luke and Mason went to the mountains for a 3 day ASB retreat and returned part of the executive board for year 2018-2019.  So proud of these boys.

We attended Ty's baseball dinner and he came home with freshman team MPV!!!

My babies, only 4 7th graders made it. 

Luke and Emmy winning at Guess Who?

A lovely night in Palm Springs with these beauties!

I had to work in our San Diego office on Monday so RBC sent Steph and me down a day early.  It didn't suck, especially at 109 degrees in the desert.

Ty and his crew.  Nate, Brian, Cesar, Demari, Melanie, Chelsea, Ryan & Gabe. 

Betsy came to visit this weekend and we all went to Ruth's Chris for dinner.  It was fantastic and I have never seen my boys eat so much!!!

It was a wonderful night with the fan!!

Monday, May 28, 2018

The big A and some parties!

My dad has been going to a rock steady boxing class for Parkinson's for a few months now.  I got to join him for one a few weeks ago.  He loves it and I'm looking forward to going again soon.

The Twins were in town to play the Angels so 14 of us loaded up and headed to Anaheim for the game.  

My twins...watching the Twins.

Ty went to his first Quincinera that night.  It was at my parents club so my mom got this cute pic with him. He looks gigantic.

I love this pic of Luke, Davin & Mace.

Our crew.

Ty and his boys-  Cesar, Gabe & Brian.

Ty and one of his besties, Chelsea.

Ty and Tally, the QB for Rancho, they kinda look alike.

Omar's birthday month continued with a pool party at the Rivera and then dinner and the club at the JW Marriott.  

Eric and Ty went on the last ride of the season on Saturday.  Bikes are all put away, waiting for cooler temps.  Bring on the summer!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Universal and MN visitors.

Girls night out with these lovies at Chill Bar in PS.

Jill and Kari came to visit, always a treat to be with these two!

Ditch day for me and the twins last week at Universal.
We love that park!!

Hogwarts is always a fave.

Last weekend I drove Julie and Omar to Stagecoach and enjoyed some fantastic  people watching in the tailgating area.  


Roman got a puppy.  Leia is now 15 weeks and 10 lbs.  Auggie is SO cute with her!! 

Mason's video titled 'Twins' is in the 2018 DigiCom festival contest.  So proud of him and all of the hard work he put into it. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Polo, Baseball and Fashion Week!

Ty has been playing with the JV over spring break. Fun watching him play up.

Ty with Dad and Ty with his bestie-Cesar.

Easter Polo with my boys.

Pretty soon and I'll be the shortest!!  Crazy how they are growing.

Our Sunday Polo Gang.

Three of my fave girlies!!!

This guy, stinker.

We were the title sponsor for opening night of Fashion Week.  I dragged Eric along with me.  We hosted happy hour at Tommy Bahamas and then enjoyed the show.

My hot date did not disappoint!!

Leroy had Auggie for the weekend while we went to Spring Training in AZ the first weekend of Spring Break. 

The 5 of us and Cesar went to an Angels/Diamondback game on Saturday in Tempe.  It was the last weekend of Spring Training so both games we went to were sold out. 

We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Tempe. This is 10pm Saturday night.  I think the boys had the most fun of the weekend here! We counted, 52 boys in the pool...not a girl in site!!  Lots of baseball tournament boys from the midwest.  

Our hotel had resident bunnies.  And Auggie went on a hike with Leroy.

Sunday we went to see the Cubs play the Royals in Surprise AZ.

We picked Augs up on our way home.  He was POOPED!!!
A great start to our 2 weeks of spring break.