Sunday, January 24, 2016

Visits from the faves.

Our friends came to visit!!!! Zack, Jessi, Cruz and Brad arrived on Friday night...

This was the happiest guy around.

Auggie is pretty stoked to have Sam here to hang out with.

Zolt brought over this picture from Panama 11 years ago.  Pretty funny.

The original legit bromance.

Mommy and son.

Luke sharing yummy with Cruz.

1st basketball game, brothers against each other. 


Bryce and Jasai came to watch the boys game.

Mace was interested in feeding Cruz.  They were kind of obsessed with him.


True love.

Even him.

Love this one from a hike in Box Canyon.

And this one.

A wonderful weekend with amazing friends...until next time, love you guys!

Mason and I did the Mayors run this morning with friends, a great way to start a Sunday!  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rain and Snow!!!

This lovely El Nino has brought some much needed rain and snow to SoCal.  The last week of break Eric took the boys and Augs on a hike out to dry falls, it wasn't so dry that day.


Eric took Ty up to the Tram on Friday, he went snow shoeing and Ty went sledding with some buddies.

The twins went up to Big Bear to go tubing with Jimmy and Jake and their mom Kelly.  They had a blast!!

Our view this week.

Saturday Ty went up to the Big Bear area with a friend so Eric and I took Luke, Mason, Jimmy, Jake and Augs to Lake Fulmer on the way up to Idylwild.  It was really crowded and we found a secluded spot and let the dog run wild.  When it snows or rains out here everyone journeys to see it.  

Luke and Jimmy

Mace and Jake

Auggie loved it and chased the boys down the mountain and back up again loads of times, he was exhausted!!

He was fun to watch.

Boys by the lake.

Sunday it was Vikings time.  And  a very sad rest of the day. Until next year.....

This cutie is coming on Friday and we cannot wait!!!

Auggie and Juneau played until they passed out. 

Ty loved shoveling for Nic's grandma up in Running Springs.  A great last weekend to a 3 week break.