Monday, November 24, 2014

Fun in the Desert

Luke and Mason had their last football games at the high school.  A good season for both of them.

Kerri and Niko dropped in the Desert to check out their new house (they are moving back!!!!) and we went downtown to celebrate during gay pride weekend.

Lots of fun stuff to see downtown!

Eric and I had a date night to celebrate our anniversary at Wangs, we realized we had our first date there 16 years ago. 

Baseball is and added bonus when I get to see these guys out at the fields!

Luke and Mason enjoying a dinner with some homemade meat sauce from a friend. 

How can we dislike the summers when the fall looks like this????

My besties.

Zeus got snipped an clipped last week and had to wear the cone for 10 did inhibit some of the chewing on everything in site but I'm glad it's off...and so is he.

The boys tried out Zoe's makeup.

Luke and Mace had a fundraiser at WalMart in Cat City and had a blast with their team.  They were dancing and charming and polite, they made a ton of money for the team.

Game night in Indio, Luke pitching.

This past Saturday we went to 'Props and Hops' at the air museum, it was such a blast with great people and such good beer.

They cleared out a hanger for the breweries, had food trucks and you could beer taste in the air.

It was a beautiful night and it ended with the 80s band Long Duk Dong.

Sunday we finished up a two day tournament in Beaumont with a birthday party at the park for Andres.  The boys had such a great time that Ty decided he wants a party at the part too.

They ran around until the sun set.  A day of baseball and football, bbq and cake.  A great group of families.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Anniversary Week

   My little pitcher last week.

You know I'm a big baby when I have to wear Uggs and it's 78 out.

Ty and some friends.

I took Luke and Mason to William Sonoma for a cookie decorating class, they loved it and the cookies were delicious.

We went to Mary's 50th birthday party last Saturday night, the dessert shows how big of a fan she is.

It has finally cooled off enough to be spending more time outside so the twins and I scootered to the park last Sunday morning. 

Beautiful flowers for my anniversary!!

Silly boys.

Friday was walk to school day in their costumes.

With Adrian, the 3rd amigo.

We went to the haunted house on Friday and they had an electric chair, the kids loved it!

Ready for the loot.

A costume change.

Mason, Luke and Adrian got awards at school on Friday, Luke and Mason for student of the month.

Saturday it was time for my anniversary present, front row seats to Def Leppard!!  We had four couples and got picked up in a limo, it was a special night.

From start to finish, it was AMAZING!

I enjoyed every second and would go see them again in a heartbeat.

It was the drummer's birthday so he came out front and the crowd sang Happy Birthday, it was so cool.

We ran into Kelly and Kristen afterwards.

Kerri and Niko came out with Roman, EQ and Dalton who just got back from Afganistan last week.  

We enjoyed a lovely brunch at Escena on a beautiful Sunday morning.

We went to look at a few houses with Niko-They are moving back!!!-and then watched the plane parade.

Luke loves his puppy.

Luke is the star of the week at school.  Love his answers!