Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lots of outdoor fun!!

Mason got a fresh new haircut.

It looks great after wearing a hat.

Ty got a 4.0!!!

This guy decided we need an early white Christmas.

We went to the Hops and Props beer fest at the Air Museum last weekend with lots of friends, it was a great time, just like last year!

Eric took Mason and Auggie on a lovely hike to Dry Falls on Sunday.

I took Monday off and we enjoyed the weather with a family walk to Taco Asado for breakfast.

My Thanksgiving flowers.

Cindy took Luke shopping and got some photo-ops.

Saturday the boys and I went to the Tram for Roman's birthday.  


It was a beautiful 23 degrees, a big difference from the 70s we have on the desert floor!

We had fun hiking around and getting as much untouched snow as we could.

The old tram cars.

Sunday 10 of us went to North Glamis for some sand fun.  Auggie was not too sure in the back of the jeep.

Mason took off like a champ and only took a break after a hard tumble over the handle bars.

Luke's turn!

Julie rented a quad.

Mason taking a well deserved break.

Kerri rented a 4 person RZR and it was SO MUCH FUN to drive!!!  I loved it!

Jules and Luke.

Ty probably rode about 20 miles and killed it.  He has the right amount of skill and fear.

The king of the hill.

Kerri loves this stuff, she used to race.  This was a last hurrah before her knee surgery this week.  We will for sure be back for more fun!

Friday, November 13, 2015


Last weekend Eric and I spend a fantastic weekend in Minnesota with family and great friends.  For his birthday I got plane tickets and Zack and Jessi got us all tickets to a Vikings game.  

Friday night Jake and Kari picked us up and we went to Surly Brewery, 

We met Zack, Jessi, Cruz, Jon and Melissa at Haute Dish for dinner.  We had a lovely private room and the food was delicious. 

The most important part of the trip, meeting Cruz for the first time!!!  We are smitten. 

Jessi let us watch him for a while on Saturday and we took a beautiful (and a bit chilly) walk with Cruz and Charlie.

Onda warming up our bed.

The sun and the trees and the chilly weather made everything seem so clean and perfect.

Zack and his mini me.

Saturday night Zack and Jessi had some friends over they brought their kids. It's so fun to see Eric's friends with kiddos.  Chole is 9 months and just starting to crawl. Jon was tempting her with food to get her going.

Eric and Chole. 

Roman, Chole and Macy.

Eric and Jon's oldest, Roman.

Tony and his mini me, Macy.  It makes me smile just thinking about all of them!!

And Sunday, Game Time!!  We had an awesome breakfast at Lowery's and then headed over to UofM.

Our seats were perfect.  And in the sun which made a huge difference!!  An amazing day and game! 

It was military apprecation day and they brought out all of the branches for special presentations, that stuff always brings a tear to my eyes.  The cheerleaders were even dressed as the 4 branches of the military.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have friends that turn out to be family.  That is Zack and Jessi and now Cruz to us. 

I want to go back and relive every moment of this past weekend, it truly was so so fun!!  We are lucky to have such incredible friends and family.  

A shout out to my handsome dad for Veterans Day.  And a huge thank you to both of my parents for watching the boys while we were gone and putting up with the puppy.