Friday, July 18, 2014

The 4th and Minnesota

The weekend of the 4th was super hot here so we kicked it off with a day at the water park!

We went to the Power game that night and afterwards they let everyone on the field to watch the fireworks.

On Saturday Ty had an All Star tournament in Redlands.  One of the coaches had to leave after the first game so Eric stepped in and became Coach Rodriguez.  

Eric made a bit of a mistake on Ty's haircut so now its super short and the twins decided to buzz theirs as well.

Eric did this.  

The boys are now in Minnesota enjoying their cousins, grandma and the rest of the family.

Niko and me at Wistera in Sierra Madre.

Luke and Mason went with Nate to Camp Wapo this past weekend, this is their cabin of trouble.  They had a blast!!! Ty and Will got picked up today after 5 days at Ox Lake.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Birthday and Our Champs!!

On my birthday we headed to Sierra Madre to spend the weekend with Kerri, Niko and Roman.  We had a fantastic lunch and watch some Futbol.

42 and proud.

Mikey, China and EQ joined us for swimming, bear hunting and hiking later on.  Kerri once again made a wonderful dinner and there were not any bears to be found, thankfully they made their appearances after we left!

Sunday we headed to Redondo Beach.

Another beautiful day in sunny Cal!


On Monday we got up and told the boys we were going home and surprised them with going to Knotts Berry Farm. 

This past weekend Luke and Mason had a tournament in Soboba.  Our first time on an Indian Reservation.  It was a great park and much cooler than the desert.  Ty had an All-Star tournament in the desert so I took the boys on Saturday and Eric took them on Sunday so we could each see both teams. 

Luke and Mason's team ended up going undefeated for their first tournament win with the travel team.  It was so much fun to watch them on Saturday and I know Eric enjoyed it just as much on Sunday (minus them forgetting their cleats and us meeting half way to get them, they had to play in their socks the first inning).

A great weekend.  Ty's team lost on Saturday and pulled off a close win on Sunday in the heat.  They won again on Monday but lost tonight.  We are off to regional tournament this weekend for him and the twins are done with travel until September.  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

What's happening.

Last week Ty's all star team had a warm up tournament in Beaumont.  They played great and I'm looking forward to the 1st all star tournament in Palm Springs next weekend. 

Luke and Mason helped pass out flyers for a fund raiser for their travel team.  They were quite good at it!


Adrian spent the night last Saturday and they had a push up contest....

The non baseball player was out after 4 pushups!!  They went to 30.  

Sunday morning we decided it was time to take care of the rooster problem.  They were pecking at the hens and crowing at 5:30am.  Not a good thing.

Daisy wanted nothing more than to 'play' with the chickens.

I'll spare the actual process of how they went from roosters running around the yard to dinner but the end product turned out quite delicious.

President Obama stopped by.

Ty and I at dinner with my P's

Birthday gift from Gabe, he knows me well.

Power game with Luke last night.

Rocky came over to wish me a happy birthday, it was a fun night!  Now on to Pasadena for the weekend!!!