Thursday, May 26, 2016

A weekend in Seattle

Mt Rainer from the plane.
Last weekend we spent a great weekend in Seattle with Kerri, Roman, Niko and lots of their family, I love Seattle!!!

Luke, Mason and I found Top Pot donuts the first morning.

 We went to Space Needle Friday morning and the kids loved the park, it was a beautiful day.

You can't go to Seattle without a trip to the market.


The boys playing chess in the bar at the W.  It was a great hotel, great location.

Saturday we took a boat tour of Seattle and the lock to Lake Union, it was a big hit.

Saturday afternoon we took the boys to the Pacific Science Museum, we all loved it.

The weekend was perfect, time with family and friends, good food and good times.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Universal with my boys

On Mother's day the weather was beautiful so we took an awesome family ride downtown and to Kerri and Nikos.  I love riding with my boys.

Auggie likes to snuggle.

I can never get sick of this view.

Wednesday the boys and I played hooky for a day at Universal Studios.  They have been so excited to see the new Harry Potter attraction, Hogsmeade.  It was not crowded and we had such a blast going on all the rides. Such a great day with my kiddos.



A chocolate frog from Honeydukes.

Butterbeer.  They hated it.

It's so FLUFFY.

My Minion.

After the water world show Mason switched his profession from engineer to stunt man.

All day with this guy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A visit from my sisters!!!

Mason and Luke's pictures...not so identical anymore.  I love Lukes long hair and he gets so much attention, Mason has decided to grow his out a bit too.

This is a regular occurrence.  As is the wet dog smell.

One of my besties from High School came out to Coachella so we got to go to lunch, it was like the past 26 years just faded away, so much fun!!

My fabulous nephew Ethan, 2nd straight year as top backwards jump roper in the state of New Hampshire.  Missy said 'if only they had a scholarship for this'.

Another beautiful sunset.

Miss, Jono and their 4 kiddos came to visit along with Betsy and Brady.  It was so fun having all of us together again. We did a morning walk to donuts.  

Lots of tramp time.

Missy's littles were obsessed with the chickens and the eggs.  They checked about every 30 minutes.  My dad put 8 back one night after they went to bed so they would find a bunch in the morning, so excited!!  

Mason & Syd.

Sunday night before dinner out.

Dad and the guys.

Mason and Jazzy Cat Luke

Auggie loved Missy!!

Wednesday Miss, Betsy, Brady and I took the 7 kiddos to Knott's Berry Farm.  A beautiful day and not crowded at all.

Mason & Syd.

Mason and Drew.  Every ride Drew got off he claimed was the best and wanted to ride again and again.  

Mason & Ethan

Brady, Drew & Ethan.

Mason, Ethan, Luke & Betsy

Brady & Syd.  She is a little daredevil and loved all the rides too.

Ty, Ethan, Luke & Drew

My boys rode this 3 times, no thank you!

Betsy & Syd

All the big boys.  Betsy, Brady and Ty rode this two times back to back and then all the boys went again.  I have not laughed that hard in a very long time. 

Using the dryer afterwards.  It was such a fun time with all of them, can't wait to do it again.

Sunday Eric and Steve took the boys on a hike to dry falls.  Auggie was in rough shape on Monday.  Sore legs and paws.  He's back to his normal swiper self today.

Ty played in a paintball tournament in Moorpark on Sunday with a new team.  He in is love.