Friday, July 14, 2017

A night out and New Hampshire

From Minnesota we flew to Boston to go spend a few days at Melissa and Jono's new house in Bedford, NH.  Miss had a cake all ready for my birthday and on Friday we headed to a hike in the woods...ticks and all.

Their new house has it's own pond, full of frogs and snakes and small fish, they kids were occupied for hours searching.

Exploring the rocks in Rye NH.

A catch from the pond by Luke.

Me and the girls on my birthday!!!

A perfect shot.

My birthday date.

We headed to Surley and met Zack and Jessi there for dinner.  The food was great and I love the beer. The outdoor fire pit after dinner was perfect!

My cake by Melissa.

I think Syd got every single Hershberger to carry her at one point on the hike.

Frogs and snakes, perfect for little boys.


Petey's in Rye, NH.  Our first lobster roll.

Luke & Wes.

Love these cuties!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Graduation and a drive.

This guy graduated from 8th grade with a 3.983 GPA.  Could not be prouder of him.

Ty on 1st and last day of middle school.  

These two finished elementary school with smiles.

Mason led the graduation with the Pledge and both boys received the Presidential Award for Academics and Fitness.   


Last day of kindergarten and last day of 5th grade.  
Mason on the left and Luke on the right in both. 

Splash House at the Rivera 2017

The Hilton, main event.

Saturday after school was out we began our drive to Minnesota.  It was a beautiful drive through Utah and Colorado.  Nebraska and Iowa, not so much to see.

This guy is an expert road tripper.

Put to work in Minnesota!!

This handsome guy is almost 2 and loves the boys.  We heard Ty Ty so many times!  After the cabin, it was Mason's turn to be wanted the most. The boys loved it!!

We got to see Will in a track meet at his high school, the same Eric went to.

And our first night out?  Bunny's for pull tabs of course!