Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baseball and Parties

Two weeks ago the twins had another tournament in Coachella.  They came in 2nd place after 3 games.  Luke had a home run and triple in game 1 and got MVP and Mason had a home run in game 2, they had so much fun!

It was a long day with rest between games.

That night Tash and Zolt had a lovely dinner party for her dad, stepmom, sister and boyfriend that were visiting from England.  

Last week we celebrated Gabe's birthday with a surprise dinner at his house.  Luke kept trying to hold Juan Pablo in his lap but at 11 months he just wanted to be on the move.

The awesome cake.

Tash sent me this throw back pic of Zoe and the twins blowing kisses, they are the CUTEST!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baseball, sunshine and chicks.

Baseball is in full effect.  The twins play rec ball 2 nights a week, in this game Mason pitched and Luke was catcher.  

We went to the water park opening weekend, 90 at the end of March was too nice to pass up!

Last Friday Gabe held a Tequila tasting at his house,  he is friends with Alderete Tequila and they set it up so nice.  It was really tasty and fun to learn about the making of tequila.

After practice on Saturday Eric and I took 6 boys to pizza and home to play.  It was a long fun day.

Dinner at the Posas.

Our chicks have arrived.  All 14 are happy and healthy and growing so fast!  Hopefully we'll have 14 eggs a day in about 4 months. 

Cali watched the chicks from afar.  Pretty soon her instincts kicked in and she started to shake, refraining herself from getting them!

He's such a good chicken daddy.

Luke and Mason also play travel ball for the Desert Elite. They had a tournament in Beaumont on Sunday, 1st game at 8am.  

The Elite.

Took the boys for some ice cream at Rite Aid.

And poolside at Spa with a Bahama Mama with good friends.  

My baby.  I have so much to write about her but can't bring myself to do it yet.

The boys nailed her tag to a cross and put it up in the backyard.  We all wrote messages to her on the back.

Eric and the boys sent me flowers at work on Tuesday, for Cali.  So sweet.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Cali, 6/20/2000 - 3/31/2014

This morning Eric and I made the horribly difficult decision to put Cali down.  Her health has been ok but over the past few days she lost use of her hind legs.  It was a terrible morning but she's not in pain anymore.  The boys, Eric and I have lost a wonderful dog and part of our family.  She will be forever missed and loved.

Cali and Ty, Dec 2002.

2 months ago.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring sports

Luke and Mason played each other again, so funny to see them guarding each other and laughing the whole time, they are their own toughest competitors!

Luke's team won again.


Later in the afternoon we went to Finn's birthday party for some  balloon toss and cake in the park.

All while Eric played in a Tequila golf tournament in Indio.

Last Saturday the boys went to the Clippers game and Eric and I went to a party at Copa downtown.  Good times with good friends!

This past weekend was opening day for baseball which means 6 hours at the park, games, pictures and some tired boys! This is Ty's Bronco team, the Inidans Grey, Eric is head coach this year.

Luke, Mason and Adrien.



Mason and Luke's Pinto team is Desert Elite.  They are also playing on the Desert Elite travel ball team which leads to lots and lots of baseball for them.

Ty got into the dunk tank!  His teammates lined up to dunk him.

Luke and Mason's team had a scrimmage and Mason got to pitch the first inning, he did great.

Luke's team played for the championship Saturday afternoon and won! 

Luke did his LaBron afterwards, pretty funny.

Grandma Karen was here for 5 days last week and we all got to enjoy some quality time.  She and Eric got to go out to dinner by themselves and really enjoyed it.

And coming soon to the Hershberger backyard-Chickens!!!!!

Eric, Zolt and the boys started yesterday.  Hopefully we will have chickens in the next few weeks.