Saturday, November 18, 2017

Halloween, Homecoming, Football & Friends

We had our friend Alax spend the last weekend in October with us which happened to be our anniversary and a Halloween party all in one.  16 years!!

Ty and his buddies got ready at our house for the dance, so cute to see them looking so good (and not all smelly from football).  Ty and his date, Valerie.

Richard Simmons, a HershBurger and a scary Davin for Halloween.

Ty's last game for Freshman, a win against DHS.

                                              BBQ at the Jensen's with these lovlies.
The Pride Parade was pretty fabulous.

And Mexican lunch afterwards topped it all off.

We celebrated Niko's birthday downtown with some pretty rad chicks.

Veteran's day hike for these boys.

Ty's first Varsity game, they are in the playoffs and pull some freshman up.  They won 31-29 with 8 seconds left and won the quarter finals last night in overtime, 27-21.  Both such exciting games!!
We can't wait to see what happens next Friday at the semi finals. 

Some of Ty's last game.

Luke and Mason made the most of both of my parent's having walkers at the moment due to my dad's knee replacement.  They raced.  

Mismatch day at school and these two jokers wore USA and Mexico socks.  

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Birthday, Football & Vegas

These boys had their 2nd win last night.  One TD for #4, one for #7 and 2 for #13. Ty caught one  in the end zone for 2.

Twins party, I asked for a picture then got pelted with water balloons.  

Donut cakes, their choice this year.  

6 years little loves.

Julie, Lori and I went to the Integratron sound bath in Landers, CA  a few weeks back and finished it up with my first visit to Pappy and Harriet's in Pioneertown and a lovely beer sandwich.

Auggie is now a chicken loving dog. 21 new chicks for him to follow around.

Ty asked Valerie to Homecoming, the dance is tomorrow.

Proud Papa after Ty's game.  They have only missed 2 games this year.   

Last weekend Mom, Dad and I drove to Vegas to meet Miss.  We stayed at Aria and ate our way around the town....Joe's, Del Friscos, Javiers, Wolfgang, Tom Urban....Fatty weekend. 

Sister time is the best time.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sept Stuff

I hit up the Ace Hotel Craft Brew weekend with these lovelies.  It was a wonderful day full of beer & rain.

This kid has been loving football! 

For Eric and Tony's birthday we had a party with the Mayweather/McGregor fight.  Eric's friend Bryce brought drinks for either side, funny guy.

Small house, lots of love.  Emmy and Reagan sat on Eric's lap during the singing, so cute!!!

These 3 at Palm Springs Comicon 2017.

Ty got his braces off and looks AMAZING!!! Auggie lays on my feet while I cook.  Weirdo.

Best tight end around...#3.

We went to Big Bear with some friends for Memorial Day weekend. 
We managed to entertain ourselves with our face cards.  Always a good time.

And again the next day.....

My 3 loves.

And the big guy, my babe!!!  xxxx

Ty and Luke went to see IT.  We had to tease them a little...

These handsome guys turned 12.  

Ty and his boys.  Gaby Baby, Swift, Cesar,  and Nate.