Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Desert Spring Break Fun

Eric and Steve took the boys up to Cactus Flats for some riding last week and spent the night in Big Bear.  They are becoming pretty good riders!!

We took the boys to the last weekend of Polo.

My parents come over once a week to take the twins to school so I can go to work early.  I guess someone was a little tired one morning!!

Early morning dog park session.

Dylan celebrated his 16th birthday with a party in the park.

Desert X in Whitewater.

It's getting warmer so I wanted to go out to Whitewater before it gets too hot.  We took some kids and some dogs and had a great hike.

These two clowns.

Over Easter weekend Bryce and Derek came to visit!!

My favorite thing about Coachella?  My high school friend Ali comes to visit!!

Hike to the Ritz.

My world.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

San Felipe, MX

Last weekend we loaded up the boys, friends and 10 bikes and headed to San Felipe Mexico for a weekend of beaches, riding and good friends. The town is very cute with a nice beach and tons of fruit vendors and water activites. 

Sunrise from our roof.

Bikes for days.

Beach boys.

Our San Felipe Crew
My Mace on his new bike.

Another view from our roof facing South in the evening.

 A sunrise walk to the beach with Luke.

The tide goes out about 1/4 mile so you had to walk forever to get to the actual ocean at low tide.  Lots of sea life to see. 

Ty was in his element.

Pina y Tajin.

We of course picked up fireworks. 

A San Felipe stocked fridge.....

Eric, Ty and Steve rode to town to meet us Saturday.  They got chased by wild dogs on the way home so Ty opted out of the long ride Sunday. 

Easy riders.

While the boys rode, we had cocos frias on the beach...(with rum)!

Four of the boys took a banana boat ride and the boat driver took off at the end when they were trying to get off and they all went tumbling in the ocean.  

Boys becoming men. 

From our roof at low tide.

Our sand dollar collection.

Luke's knees, he took a tumble. 

Eric and Kerri
Eric and Steve.
It was a great weekend with fantastic friends!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week update

Waiting patiently for the treats on his paws.

Our sunset.

With the twins gone last weekend, Eric, Ty and I biked downtown for some Sunday Sunday at Moxie. 

The twins were lucky enough to score an invite to the Magic Castle in LA with Tristen.  They LOVE magic.

Another bike ride downtown and more fun at Moxie yesterday.  I hope this weather stays for a bit before turning scorching hot.  

Dylan and Jenga fun.