Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The last of MN and Vegas Basketball

Eric let Luke and Mason take the boat out by themselves at the Howard Lake cabin this summer, they loved it!!

Twins at the Twin Cities.

Auggie, Sam & Makeba looking at the cabin. During the day they all went to the floating dock and everyone jumped off and swam back...except Auggie. He cried and cried until Eric took the pontoon back to get him. 

The Mississippi with Nate.

On of my favorite summer pics.  


Mason, Sam & Auggie.

Ty and I went with the Desert Mirage team to Vegas for a tournament.  They came in 4th in their division and the boys had a blast!

Up North.

Luke and a big mouth.  

The boys help with the FroYo Soul truck one day.  They loved it!!

Trouble for sure.

I went to Sullivans with my parents for my dad's birthday. 

Ty and I went up to Omar's family cabin in Green Valley for the weekend.  The lake was so pretty.  The boys fished (no fish) and Omar and I hung out at the bar with some classy beers and snacks. 

Our morning hike up valley.

The boys tried paddle boarding.  Less fun since they were told they were not allowed to fall off 'on purpose'.  

More Brad and big fish.

Girls night out with Nadia and Kristen at Sullivans. 

The Bellagio with my P's and Ty.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The rest of MN for Ty and me.

Big fish at Grandma' cabin.

Nate, Cruz and Mace.

Porch kiddos.

Zack & Robb

All of us after Tom's service, including his wife Linda, brother Dick and his wife Maricia.


Toms' Army uniform, it fit Ty perfectly. 

Jill, Kari and me at Canterbury Downs for some races.

This only happens when I am not around.

Jake's famous seafood boil at the cabin.

Jake and I took the boys to an old quarry to bike and kayak.

Tom's final resting place at Fort Snelling.

Very close to my uncle Bob.

God Brothers as Mason calls Cruz and himself.

A fresh squeezed at Lake Calhoon with my hubby.

Eric, Cruz and Onda.

A boy and his dog.

My last night in MN at Zelo's with the boys.  
Another great summer in Minnesota for the books.