Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our newest addition!!

The boys have been really pushing for a puppy the past few weeks and once I was ok with it we started looking.  We picked Zeus up on Sept 13th and he has quickly settled into the family.  

He is such a baby, he's go go go for about an hour then he just passes out where ever he is.  Eric and I have done a little work with him and he is one smart boy.  He is already sitting and mostly going to the bathroom outside.  He does like to chew EVERYTHING in site when his mind is to it, even if it's your foot, hand, arm.....

On Monday my littles turned 9 during practice. It is now their turn with the trophy, they are proudly displaying it and hoping for another soon!

His fave toy is the blue skunk.

He went to his first baseball game last night, Ty had a scrimmage, they ended up winning 26-6 and Ty went 3 for 3 with a single, double and triple.

His nap yesterday had him looking like he was checking under the dishwasher.  His belly is the cutest and I love the puppy smell!  His nickname is Chuy, short for Jesus which is what it sounds like when we call 'Hey Zeus'......

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Going on 9....

We celebrated Luke and Mason's birthday yesterday with their friends. They decorated their cakes with baseballs and their number.  They are very  proud of their team and super into it. 

Eric, Rich and I took 8 boys to play paintball in Lake Elsinore.  It was HOT but that did not take away from the excitement.  We started off in the 'Little Warrior' section, for 6-12 year olds.  

Serious business.

We played a few games, big boys against little, dads against kids, 4 against 4, capture the flag.  Very entertaining.  

A very needed water/gatorade break.  

The park we went to is about 40 acres and was pretty deserted due to the heat so our guide let us use one of the parks for the adults for the last 40 minutes.  It's called trenches and it was every boy/dad for themselves.

It was so worth the drive and heat, everyone had a blast!


And then back home for some pizza, cake and pool bath (they were all super stinky, sweaty and dirty).

Tramp time.


Julie got a puppy yesterday and Sky came over for a visit, promptly fell in the pool and chased the chickens around.  Looks like we will be getting a puppy sooner rather than later.  
Funny Luke story:
I woke him up Thursday morning for school.  He reached up, touched my shoulder and said 'Tag'.  I didn't move, so he rolled over and said 'You're it, now run along and find someone to tag.'  They he rolled back over.  I still didn't move.  So he said 'Ok, let's play hide and seek, you hide and I'll count to a million.'  I think he wanted to sleep in a bit more.  Funny kid.

Monday, September 1, 2014

A new year and weekend fun

This guy gets to go to work with dad for the next 3 years and was so excited for the first day of 6th grade, 2 weeks into school already and he's just as excited.  

3rd for these two.

The girls are laying!!  We are now getting about 5-6 eggs a day and they are so pretty.

Last weekend the boys, Julie, my parents and their friend Marcia went to Del Mar.  We went to the races on Saturday, stayed in Leucadia for the night at a super cute hotel, ate at fantastic restaurants and then ended with a beautiful day at the beach on Sunday.

Eric took the weekend to enjoy some killer fishing out of San Diego. They caught 16 yellow fin.

My boys love the beach.

Enjoying Dad's catch.

The boys started baseball and I am enjoying my evening walks again while they are in practice.  

New next door neighbor puppy, Izzy.

Nic enjoying some of our eggs.

Another satisfied Hershberger egg enjoyer.

Luke cracks me up.

Today we decided to try to beat the heat of a 3 day weekend and headed up to Idylwild for some hiking.  It was 25 degrees cooler, smelled like pine and a light breeze, so needed after a sweltering weekend in the desert. 

Posa's were out of town so we watched Daisy for the weekend.  It was fun having a lab in the house again and we started the conversation of getting a new puppy, maybe in a few months.  We sure miss our Cali.

Eric's birthday was Friday and I'm bummed that I didn't get any pictures.  We had Julie, Posa's, Kerri-Niko-Roman over for a delicious fish dinner and some cake.  Happy Birthday Love!! xo