Saturday, April 7, 2018

Polo, Baseball and Fashion Week!

Ty has been playing with the JV over spring break. Fun watching him play up.

Ty with Dad and Ty with his bestie-Cesar.

Easter Polo with my boys.

Pretty soon and I'll be the shortest!!  Crazy how they are growing.

Our Sunday Polo Gang.

Three of my fave girlies!!!

This guy, stinker.

We were the title sponsor for opening night of Fashion Week.  I dragged Eric along with me.  We hosted happy hour at Tommy Bahamas and then enjoyed the show.

My hot date did not disappoint!!

Leroy had Auggie for the weekend while we went to Spring Training in AZ the first weekend of Spring Break. 

The 5 of us and Cesar went to an Angels/Diamondback game on Saturday in Tempe.  It was the last weekend of Spring Training so both games we went to were sold out. 

We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Tempe. This is 10pm Saturday night.  I think the boys had the most fun of the weekend here! We counted, 52 boys in the pool...not a girl in site!!  Lots of baseball tournament boys from the midwest.  

Our hotel had resident bunnies.  And Auggie went on a hike with Leroy.

Sunday we went to see the Cubs play the Royals in Surprise AZ.

We picked Augs up on our way home.  He was POOPED!!!
A great start to our 2 weeks of spring break.  

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Visits, polo, baseball & tennis!

We used the RBC tent at Polo and brought along Hope, Nic and some friends.  Sunday Funday Polo is always a good time!!

The men

The ladies

Eric took about 80 kids on a hiking field trip.

Jon, Melissa, Roman & Chole Schaefer came and visited us for a few days.  Melissa and I took the kiddos to the Living Desert.  Luke got to high 5 and sloth and the boys took turns doting over Roman and Chole. 

We went in the Lorakeet exhibit and the boys loved the birds...until they started peeing on them.

Baseball season is in full swing.  Eric is assistant coach of the freshman team.  

Dinner at Sammy G's.  I don't think we have been there for dinner since we had our rehersal dinner there almost 17 years ago!

The sixth graders got to go on a field trip to the tennis gardens in Indian Wells to watch the BNP Paribas Open.  Grandma Karen got to be a chaperone!

We enjoyed a lovely 10 day visit from Grandma.

Tash, Tammy, Sanya and I made a trip out to Apple Valley last Sunday for a celebration of life for our friend's dad who passed away.  We got there a bit early and had a quick chevela before the service to toast Tim.  The bloody mary the bartender was working on was epic.

Eric, Tony, Steve, Ethan & Ty went big boy riding.

I got to enjoy a suite at the BNP for a day.

My view lots of days lately.