Monday, November 3, 2014

Anniversary Week

   My little pitcher last week.

You know I'm a big baby when I have to wear Uggs and it's 78 out.

Ty and some friends.

I took Luke and Mason to William Sonoma for a cookie decorating class, they loved it and the cookies were delicious.

We went to Mary's 50th birthday party last Saturday night, the dessert shows how big of a fan she is.

It has finally cooled off enough to be spending more time outside so the twins and I scootered to the park last Sunday morning. 

Beautiful flowers for my anniversary!!

Silly boys.

Friday was walk to school day in their costumes.

With Adrian, the 3rd amigo.

We went to the haunted house on Friday and they had an electric chair, the kids loved it!

Ready for the loot.

A costume change.

Mason, Luke and Adrian got awards at school on Friday, Luke and Mason for student of the month.

Saturday it was time for my anniversary present, front row seats to Def Leppard!!  We had four couples and got picked up in a limo, it was a special night.

From start to finish, it was AMAZING!

I enjoyed every second and would go see them again in a heartbeat.

It was the drummer's birthday so he came out front and the crowd sang Happy Birthday, it was so cool.

We ran into Kelly and Kristen afterwards.

Kerri and Niko came out with Roman, EQ and Dalton who just got back from Afganistan last week.  

We enjoyed a lovely brunch at Escena on a beautiful Sunday morning.

We went to look at a few houses with Niko-They are moving back!!!-and then watched the plane parade.

Luke loves his puppy.

Luke is the star of the week at school.  Love his answers!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beautiful sunsets & sunrises, a growing puppy and more baseball.

Last Monday the twins played in La Quinta and we were treated to a beautiful sunset and a fun game. 

Zeus at 3 months and about 17 lbs.

Last Saturday the twins travel team had a fund raising car wash, it was a good success and the boys had a blast, the boys all get along so well and it's fun to see them together.  

Luke and Mason had another flag football game.  2 left and they enjoy every minute and take is very serious.

My dishwasher helper.  Or licker.

Zeus and his buddy Leroy roughing each other up, Leroy is one week older and lost a baby tooth chewing on Zeus's leg.

Someone was all tuckered our after his play date.  

NYE 2002 with Ty, Zach and Dean.  Ty is 2 weeks, Dean 4 and Zach 5 months.  

NYE 2003.

Spring 2009

And last week.  I love that they have always stayed in the same order when taking pics, buddies since the beginning.  

A beautiful sunrise.  We don't get clouds very often, but when we do, amazing.

Played in Indio this past Wednesday.  3rd and 4th inning Mason pitched and Luke caught.  Melts my heart.

Zeus made another friend, our neighbor Shirley's dog Angel.  Shirley left to go back to SD today and he keeps running to her front door looking for her.  Hopefully they will come back soon.

This happened as I was literally running out the door to drive 65 miles to Luke and Mason's tournament yesterday. Ty and Eric were at tryouts for Ty for a travel team, I have the keys in hand and go to call Zeus in from outside and he tears in, heads to the bathroom for a mouth full of toilet paper and skids around as much tile as he can then plops down.  Dirty boy.  Flower beds are the most fun to play in right after the sprinklers have gone off.

Tournament this weekend, brain cancer fund raiser during breast cancer month, we represented both colors.  

Moms got to coach the first game and I was a little nervous but it turned out to be so much fun, we had 8 moms and even though we were really not calling the shots we really got into it.  The boys loved that we were out there too.


Adrian and Andres

After a long Saturday, we got to enjoy a lovely dinner out with Kerri and Niko.  It's fun to be able to pop out for dinner and the boys enjoy the responsibility of staying home alone....and being able to build a fort in the living room without parental supervision.  

Luke today.  He had a single and a double, Mace a single and walked,  they played great and I was so proud.  We went an extra inning and ended up losing 6-7.

Coach Ruben, Malakai and mine, silly boys.