Monday, January 26, 2015

Baseball and other fun stuff

Eric subbed Ty's class for the first time, kinda cute.

Ty's first at-bat for his new travel team, the Palm Springs Power.  Ty and the twins played in the same tournament so it made it easy for us to see all of the games during the weekend.  Twins lost all 4 games and Ty lost 3, not the most successful weekend of games. 

Luke and Mason played two games on Wrigley Field at Big League of Dreams in Cat City on Saturday, so cute!!

These two always snuggle. Twins.

Ty made Eric breakfast last Sunday when the twins and I had to leave super early for their first game.

Mason took advantage of Zeus and used him as a sounding block to recite his school project.  Mason didn't tell me if there was any feedback.

Ty got braces on Thursday.  He was a good sport but has been in quite a bit of pain. Good for him that he doesn't go back for 10 weeks.

I have been playing with a new photo app on my phone.  Luke and his dirt bike.

Handsome boy.


Saturday 'El Gato' and Tony Hawk did some exhibitions at the Palm Springs Skate Park. The boys hung out there most of the day and got lots of free Vans stuff.

They brought in a half pipe.

On Sunday Ty went to Knott's Berry Farm for Peyton's 13th birthday.   Vern let them go off on their own, a big step for us parents.  I figured they would go follow girls around all day.  Ty has known Griffin since grade school and plays on the same baseball team as Jordan so it's nice the boys all know each other.  Some good kids. 

The rest of us celebrated Nic's 10th birthday next door.  This is Luke and 'baby' Cody.  

The birthday boy.

Playing a game of cracker eating and whistling.  We have the best neighborhood ever.

Rollar coaster fun at Knott's.  Ty and Jordan look like they are enjoying the ride a bit more than Peyton and Griffin.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Biking and Boarding

Last Sunday Eric and Kerri took the boys dirk biking out on the salt flats.  They loved it!

Fresh haircuts.

A puppy snuggle.

Some street fair action.

Friday wrapped up week 3 of Christmas break so we took the boys with Julie and Robb to Big Bear for lessons and boarding at Snow Summit.

They had an absolute blast and loved the lessons and were so confident afterwards on the lifts and the mountain.  Our boys are rad.

Beer break.


The boys with their instructor, Chase.

More Mace.

This handsome guy.

The crew.

Board ready!

Ty and Robb.

We did this!!!! 

A great day on the mountain!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Family Visit

Donut breakfast.

Escher enjoying some guacamole.

Christmas eve service.

A challenging game of Tenzi.

9 stockings hung by the chimney with care.

All the cousins Christmas morning.

Zeus, Leroy and Josie Wales.

Kari and Escher.

Mason wanted this beauty at Costco.

Our Chefs.

The dining area for 16 people for 2 weeks.

My new bedroom!

New Years Eve Dinner!

The twins.

My sisters.

A little shooting.

Getting some sun.

Jake's killer dinner with some amazing wine!

Grandma and Jake braved all the boys at Chuck E Cheese.

Dinner with Grandma.

Jake, Will, Nate and Kari

Eric and mom.

The internet cafe for the boys.
Another successful visit with Eric's family...until next time!!!  Love you! xoxo